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As planners and project managers, we are with you from start to finish.  We'll determine what you need, show you the breadth of possibilities, provide advice and offer unique suggestions.  Most importantly, we'll see that your project is completed on budget, on time, and with an eye on the details.


We think of all children when planning a project so that no one gets left out.  Children come in all sizes, shapes, and abilities so the best play area is one that has something for everyone.  

Needs & Analysis

Perhaps the most important step of all, we will sit down with you to determine exactly what your needs are.  We do our homework to ensure your playground is the right playground for you and your children.

Custom Design

With so many options in terms of size, colour, and type, we'll show you the possibilities and help you choose the right components based on the budget, available space, future expansion, and the needs of the kids.

Site Prep & Installation

Whether it's a replacement playground or one built from the ground up, we will take care of the site preparation, excavation, and installation as required.  All of our installers have CSA playground certification and always perform above and beyond the minimum requirements.


Although everything needs a little TLC from time to time, we choose durable, weather resistant, high quality products from respected manufacturers to minimize the need for maintenance and repairs.  If and when you do require a little fix, you can count on us to get it done professionally and in a timely manner.

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